Good journalism?

I am interested to know what indeed people consider ‘good’ journalism to be? Is it journalism that’s quick? Or accurate? Or well-informed?

Leave me a comment and let me know.

I wonder if there will be a generic code for ‘good journalism’ or whether people require different traits?


3 responses to “Good journalism?

  1. It is the three, but I think in what order is personal choice.
    Isn’t it the BBC who say get it out as fast as possible, even if it’s a one liner which tells you very little? I think ‘accurate’ and ‘well-informed’ come well above ‘quick’.
    You can’t guarantee a person will read about one subject more than once. So, even if you correct any errors you have possibly made in your ‘quick’ journalism at a later date, said person may still be under the illusion your error is fact.
    So, although you need to get stories out quickly, I think accuracy and information are still far more important!

  2. I would say that there is definitely no generic code. Does ‘good’ journalism, entertain? Was the original BBC balance of giving completely equal coverage to both sides a ‘good’ journalistic practice? I don’t think there are any answers to the questions surrounding what is good journalism.

  3. I used to think I wanted to be a journalist, but then I realised I don’t like being objective.
    the journalism which has left the greatest impression on me is that which makes you feel like you’re there living in the story.

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